BIDS data#

Here are some links to BIDS compliant data. Sourcedata (pre-BIDS) are sometimes also available, these can be used to just see (or to build tutorials) of how source data are converted to BIDS.

BIDS examples with empty raw data files#

  • Many examples can be found here

BIDS examples with data files#

  • OpenNeuro: If you’re looking for full data files to run the validator on or simply compare to your own bidsified data try searching here. Datasets here are (by and large) publicly available and conform to BIDS.

Brainhack Western 2018 dataset#

Mother of unification studies#

  • a 204-subject multimodal (MEG, MRI, fMRI) dataset to study language processing

Other data that is not in BIDS format#

Datasets used in Stanford Reproducibility Center tutorials: NKI Rockland

Resting state fMRI datasets: FCON 1000