BIDS Dependencies List#

The following is a list of options available for working with BIDS

BIDS is language independent, and can be used with any of the languages listed below. Feel free to choose whichever one you are most comfortable with!

Please note that for each choice of language, the additional listed packages are required to work with BIDS.

Text editors#

Code can be written in anything from Notepad(Windows) to TextEdit(macOS) to vim(Linux).

But there are some text-editors built specifically for coding that can help with some parts of programming.

One that’s free and easy to use is Visual studio code. It’ll work for all the languages below!

MATLAB / Octave (Free, open source equivalent)#

MATLAB Information:

Octave Information:

Required JSON package JSONio

Install Link: gllmflndn/JSONio


Information: (Both Python 2 and 3 will work for BIDS)

Anaconda Recommended package to use for installing Python

Install Link:

Pandas Pandas is already included in Anaconda, but use the link below if you just want the data analysis library.

Install Link:



Jsonlite package required to read and write JSON files