BIDS maintainer meeting, Seattle, April 11-12, 2024

The purpose of this meeting is to broadly advance BIDS development and coordination.
Participants will work in small groups on topics including advancing key BEPs and common priorities.


The meeting will take place at the University of Washington eScience Institute Data Science Studio

Note the venue is not open before 9am.


NOTE: All times tentative until confirmed by @arokem

An informal pre-meeting will take place Wednesday, April 10th as participants arrive, expected to start ~4-5pm.

Meeting Schedule

Lodging and Logistics

Details have been shared with invitees regarding funding provided for this meeting covering travel, lodging, and food. Nearby lodging options include Staypineapple University Inn, Staypineapple Watertown, etc.

Funding support

The workshop is supported by the NSF through the West Big Data Innovation Hub and by the Neuro Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation Open Science Prize.