object BIDSStatsModel#

A BIDS Stats Model is a JSON file that defines one or more hierarchical models on brain imaging data.

A hierarchical model is a sequence of estimator nodes. These nodes are connected via edges to form a directed, acyclic graph. The graph contains a single “root” node, which only has outgoing edges, and may have many “leaf” nodes that only have incoming edges. Each path from the root to a leaf may be thought of as a single hierarchical model.

  • extra: Extra = Extra.forbid

field Name: str [Required]#

A name identifying the model, ideally short. While no hard constraints are imposed on the specific format of the name, each model’s name should be unique for any given BIDS project (i.e., if a single BIDS project contains multiple model specifications in different files and/or folders, care should be taken to ensure that each model has a unique name).

field BIDSModelVersion: str [Required]#

A string identifying the version of the specification adhered to. Note this is different from BIDSVersion

field Description: Optional[str]#

A concise verbal description of the model.

field Input: Optional[Dict[str, List[Any]]]#

Dictionary specification of input images

field Nodes: List[Node] [Required]#

A list of analysis nodes. The ordering of this list is significant if Edges is absent.

field Edges: Optional[List[Edge]]#

A list of edges between analysis nodes. If absent, the nodes are connected in the sequence presented in Nodes.