object Edge#

An Edge connects two Nodes, indicating the outputs (contrasts) of the Source Node are to be made available as inputs to the Destination Node.

Contrasts may be filtered by any metadata field, including entities. Each contrast has an additional entity "contrast" that may be used to filter contrasts by name.


  "Source": "subject",
  "Destination": "dataset"
  "Source": "subject",
  "Destination": "dataset",
  "Filter": {"contrast": ["contrast1", "contrast2"]}
  • extra: Extra = Extra.forbid

field Source: str [Required]#

Name of Node. The outputs of this node are passed to Destination.

field Destination: str [Required]#

Name of Node. The outputs of Source are passed to this node.

If Filter is defined, The outputs of the Source node are the inputs of the Destination node, after filtering (if any).

field Filter: Optional[Dict[str, List[Any]]]#

Maps a grouping variable to a list of values to pass to Destination. If multiple grouping variables are passed, the result is the conjunction of filters.