BIDS Stats Models#

A specification for neuroimaging statistical models.

BIDS Stats Models describe how to fit statistical models for neuroimaging data using a machine-readable JSON document.
Its purpose is prescriptive (as in a recipe), rather than descriptive (as in summary of already fit models).

A BIDS Stats Models — in combination with a preprocessed BIDS dataset — is sufficient to execute statistical models, with minimal configuration and intervention required from the user.

The mission of BIDS Stats Models is to promote scientific best practice by making neuroimaging models transparent and reproducible, as well as encouraging the development of standardized and automated statistical analysis pipelines.

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Motivation: Why do we need BIDS Stats Models?

Representing multi-stage neuroimaging models: Step-by-step introduction

Specification: Dive into the technical reference

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Model Zoo: View example models on public datasets, and modify them to your own data

Default model: How to create a simple model


BIDS Stats Models is supported by by NIH award R01MH109682, and is part of the Brain Imaging Data Standard (BIDS) community.