object Model#

The model to fit to the collection of input images.

This section defines the design matrix construction, estimator type, and additional options needed to estimate the model parameters.

  • extra: Extra = Extra.forbid

field Type: Literal['glm', 'meta'] [Required]#

The type of analysis to run. The following values are currently defined: * "glm" for general linear model, * "meta" for meta-analysis.

field X: List[Union[Literal[1], str]] [Required]#

A list of predictors to include in the model. At present, the BIDS-Model specification only handles traditional GLM analyses, so the assumption is always that brain activation is being predicted from one or more predictors. All variables listed in the X field will be included as columns in the design matrix. Each variable name specified in X must exactly match one of the variables available in the namespace. Any available variables that are not explicitly named in X will be omitted from the model. Partial matching is supported and can be specified using wildcard characters; for example, use “aroma_motion_*” to specify all of the aroma components found in the confounds file. Following standard Unix-style glob rules, “*” is interpreted to match 0 or more alphanumeric characters, and “?” is interpreted to match exactly one alphanumeric character.

field Formula: Optional[str]#

Wilkinson notation specification of a transformation of the design matrix X. A 1 or 0 term MUST be present to explicitly include or exclude, respectively, an intercept variable, to ensure consistent handling across formula interpreters.

field HRF: Optional[HRF]#

A specification of the hemodynamic response function (HRF) that should be applied to variables by implementing software.

field Options: Optional[Options]#

Estimation options that are common to multiple estimation packages.

field Software: Optional[Dict[str, Dict[str, Any]]]#

This section allows one to specify any software-specific estimation parameters. Each key in the object is the name of the software package (FSL, SPM, etc.), and the value is an object containing software-specific parameters. The BIDS Stats Models spec makes no attempt to control the vocabulary available for use in any particular software package; we expect that the developers of each package will, over time, fill in these specifications.