object DummyContrasts#

Dummy contrasts are contrasts with one condition, a weight of one, and the same name as the condition. That is,

"DummyContrasts": {"Contrasts": ["A", "B"], "Test": "t"}

is equivalent to the following list of Contrasts:

"Contrasts": [
    {"Name": "A", "ConditionList": ["A"], "Weights": [1], "Test": "t"}
    {"Name": "B", "ConditionList": ["B"], "Weights": [1], "Test": "t"}

While "t" and "pass" contrasts are passed as inputs to the next node, "F" contrasts are terminal and are not passed as inputs to following Nodes.

  • extra: Extra = Extra.forbid

field Contrasts: Optional[List[Union[Literal[1], str]]]#

A list of variables to construct DummyContrasts for. Must be a strict subset of Model.X. If absent, then dummy contrasts for all variables are constructed.

field Test: Literal['pass', 't', 'F'] [Required]#

The type of test statistic to compute on the contrast. The special value “pass” indicates that no statistical test is to be performed.

Note that "F" contrasts are terminal and not passed as inputs to following Nodes.