object Transformations#

Transformations describe modifications of variables to prepare a design matrix.

This field is indirect, with a Transformer name identifying an instruction set, and a sequence of Instructions.

A Transformer accepts data frames of sparse (onset, duration, amplitude) and dense (onset, sampling rate, values) variables along with the list of Instructions, and then return a new set of sparse and/or dense variables.


  "Transformer": "pybids-transforms-v1",
  "Instructions": [
      "Name": "Factor",
      "Input": ["trial_type"]
      "Name": "Convolve",
      "Model": "spm",
      "Input": ["trial_type.cond1", "trial_type.cond2"]
  • extra: Extra = Extra.forbid

field Transformer: Literal['pybids-transforms-v1'] [Required]#

Name of the specification of an instruction set.

field Instructions: List[Any] [Required]#

Sequence of instructions to pass to an implementation of Transformer. The format of these instructions is determined by the Transformer.